Refund Policy

Unfortunately Pre-Order sale items cannot be refunded. We are attempting to build a bold new line of products. Once you reserve your spot in the line.We will place orders to assemble materials needed to build this high end item for each pre-order.

Pre-orders are final and non-refundable upon receipt by ShiftWear of the corresponding payment, however,refunds will be issued if the pre-ordered products and Services are deemed by ShiftWear as undeliverable and to the extent of available assets for refund.

We are engaging in a new industry and you are helping us pursue a product of extremely high quality.

When you pre-order, you are reserving your ShiftWear Classic sneaker before the rest of the world gets a chance to purchase them at retail stores.

We will have to produce and assemble materials needed to fullfill your order, and as such cannot issue refunds.